5 tips to make your business look bigger

There are tons of advantages in keeping your business at a smaller scale; less stress, less management, less internal bureaucracy and the flexibility to change your corporate direction when required. However ‘dressing the part’ in the big bad world of business can be a necessary evil when it comes to competing against organisations much larger than your own. Making your business ‘appear bigger’ helps emphasise your credibility and reliability and builds client confidence in your services.

Below are 5 tips to making your small business appear more organised, trustworthy and (ultimately) larger!

Get your brand nailed down.

One of the first giveaways for a small and inexperienced business is the lack of a consistent brand message. It takes time to build a successful brand, including the creation of your business identity, an uninterrupted quality level of customer service and the persistent exposure of your branded material. So hop to it!

Get your website up-to-date.

Many small businesses let their online presence slip (often to beyond recognition) with broken links, missing images and antiquated branding because they have run out of time to keep it updated. HoweverGoogle has tried to put a stop to this negligence by suppressing the search rankings of sites that are not ‘mobile-friendly’. This means your site is far less likely to be discovered if it hasn’t been refreshed since the advent of responsive web design… not to mention it makes you appear shambolic.

Get a social media presence.

As much as some people try to ignore the world of social media it has become a substantial part of business brand development in recent times. Constant exposure in the online realm, whether on Facebook,Twitter or the myriad of other social media outlets, boosts your business presence and will make you look bigger, more authoritative and at the cutting edge of your industry.

Get a marketing budget in place.

The old adage goes ‘you need to spend money to make money’ and there isn’t a more appropriate statement when it comes to your businesses marketing. Plus, it doesn’t even need to be much! Bit by bit you can increase your budget as your revenue builds over time. Having a stable budget in place will give you the confidence to spend what you need on a marketing campaign and, as a result, increase the recognition of your business.

Get a voice.

Just because you work in a small team certainly doesn’t mean you are inexperienced, so why not tell potential clients about your understanding of your chosen industry. Offer to be a speaker at an event ornetworking meeting, which helps provide an aura of leadership and knowledge. Alternatively, consistentlyupdating your website blog builds trust within your message, while adding volume to your business.

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