Staying Productive over the holiday break

5 ways to stay productive over the holiday break

The Christmas break is fast approaching and we’re all ready to flick the off switch when it comes to ‘work mode’ and rightfully so, it’s been a long year! Everybody needs to kick up their heels and relax in the company of friends and family. But what happens when you find yourself re-watching the entire Game of Thrones series for the third time that week… it’s time to act!

Believe you me, we’ll be getting our fill of lazy afternoons littered with movies, leftovers and customary naps, but with every surplus ‘Z’ caught it becomes more difficult to stay productive. Here are a few ways to keep the juices flowing before the 9-5 routine kicks back in.


After you’ve completely fallen off the wagon helping yourself to that fourth helping of trifle at Christmas dinner things can look pretty bleak. The sooner you go for that beach run or reconnect with that idle gym membership the better you’ll feel coming into the new year.


Even if you stay in your own backyard (metaphorically speaking) there is still so much to see. Experiencing new places, even on a day trip, is a great way to engage your brain and overcome the dreaded cabin fever, especially as South Australia has so much to offer! You could take in some culture at the SA Museum, check out that beach at the bottom of Fleurieu Peninsula or trial that new coffee bar in the Adelaide CBD.

Start a new hobby

This one can be surprisingly difficult as there is just so much to learn. You need to concentrate on your end goals. Interested in starting a blog? Concentrate on your writing or photography. Thinking of travelling? Why not start learning Spanish. Finally going to ask that girl out? Start working on your cooking.

Start a course online

We get it, it’s way too hot to be running around outside and you’ve spent all this money on an expensive air conditioner, so why not use it. Online courses are an awesome way to increase your knowledge base in between removing yourself from the couch and picking at the leftover leg of ham in the fridge.

Don’t get ‘too’ productive

You need to relax. Flogging yourself silly in the sillier season is absolutely no way to recharge your batteries before going back to work in the new year.

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