Adelaide during Fringe season

Adelaide is absolutely awesome in Fringe season. Heading out, middle of the week for dinner in the city and there are people crawling everywhere! Random buskers passionately playing guitars and keyboards, others hurling flaming knives while doing back flips and egging the crowd on.

At the Garden of Unearthly Delights, the lineup is so massive that I need to buy a ticket to a show I don’t really care about just so I can go in the ‘quick’ line which is actually still bigger than most lineups I’m willing to tolerate. Inside the Garden, there are sooo many people – where do they come from? Adelaide seems like some mega cultural artsy epic hub of activity. Love the atmosphere.

Another thing that is awesome in Adelaide during Fringe season is all the lovely designs/poster featured in cafes, restaurants, random walls, gutter etc. Being in the graphic industry it’s good to see some really crazy and ‘out there’ designs, unrestricted by corporate guidelines or style guides. It reminds me of studying Visual Communications at UniSA where we were free to be creative.

The Clipsal 500 starts soon too, that will bring all the rev-heads to town and keep Adelaide pumping for a little longer. Then, when it’s all done and dusted, normality kicks in and I can once again walk through town at night in the middle of the week and be lucky to spot 3 people. Gotta love it.

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