Argon Kangaroo Island Expedition

After making this awesome website for a holiday home on KI:, we were asked to pop over for a free stay and to take some pics of the property and the local attractions.

We left work early (hehehe) and packed our fishing rods, food and other manly items. The ferry ride over was quite choppy and we had to battle some annoying school kids but we made it in one piece. It was dark when we got there and we managed to see a Kangaroo within 30mins of arrival.

The property that we stayed at (Kangaroo Island Star) was really really good and it had a great view of the ocean and vegetation that resides between the property and where the beach. For dinner we cooked up some Wiech’s pasta (the best pasta I have ever tasted – this is not a joke).

Next day, after a solid breakfast, we got our driving on and the made for Vivonne Bay, Seal Bay and the Remarkable Rocks. We caught a squid up at Penneshaw and promptly ate it 1 hour later.

We’re looking forward to heading back to Kangaroo Island Star next month to grab some more pics and enjoy the music festival which includes Eskimo Joe and other acts.

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