Bon Voyage, Farewell, Welcome!

It’s been a busy year so far at Argon, and behind the scenes whilst busily churning through client projects and updating our own brand and office signage, we’ve also been preparing for some staff changes.

Don’t panic – there’s nothing to worry about! We will still be carrying out the same work for you all, however over the next month you may notice some changes.

Josh is going on holidays!

Off on a European adventure, Josh will be away for around a month, exploring the history, the food, the culture (and perhaps the beverages!) on offer in a multitude of European countries.

We have plenty of options available to cover the design work that Josh does, so don’t hold back, go right ahead and talk to us about any projects you may need produced over the next month.

Katrina is going on maternity leave . . .

For those of you that don’t know (or haven’t noticed – Katrina’s tall frame seems to hide a baby bump well!), she is due to have her first child in late August, and will be leaving us at the end of July, until sometime early next year.

Copious notes are being written, and procedures prepared (or rules should we say) to keep the office in order and production work happening as per usual.

Joseph is joining the team

Honestly, it is purely coincidence that almost all of the Argon staff have names beginning with J!

Joseph has a graphic design background, and a structured and organised way of working that will aid him immensely in taking on the Production Manager role whilst Katrina is away.
Over the next few weeks Joseph will be learning the ropes and beginning to coordinate your design & production projects, with Katrina to help him out in learning about all of our clients quirks and individual needs.

Exciting times for all, but still business as usual.

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