Introducing Wordpress Developer Ross

Introducing Ross

Hi Everybody. I’m Ross, the head Web Developer here at Argon Design. Despite my ‘official employment’ only starting in August 2015, I’ve actually worked for Argon in various capacities since 2011; while building my own freelancing business. So I’m pretty familiar with the place!

Originally hailing from the seaside town of Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, England, I moved to Australia in 2003… and yes, I still have a bit of an English accent. It wasn’t long before my self-taught passion for creating websites, in particular WordPress, surfaced and I became obsessed with making custom themes and plugins. I’m drawn to website development because of my love for assembling useful and practical tools for others as well as the enjoyment I get from unravelling intricate problems. There are always plenty of new challenges and things to learn as a Web Developer, with the ever evolving world of technology constantly keeping me on my toes.

Despite being comfortable in my freelance business, which I’d run for 7 years, I decided it was time to move on. I really wanted to be part of a team, work on bigger projects but primarily focus on continuing to build my website development knowledge. Plus I get more time to spend fishing, playing guitar, BMXing and aquascaping!

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