Josh’s European Culture Trip: Part 1

So as many of you would have heard, and more than likely been bombarded with images on various Social Media sites, I trekked overseas for 5 weeks to take in the traditions and the culture of Europe. It would be fair to say I enjoyed other elements of the journey, cough German Beer cough, as well but it was the sheer history of my surroundings that immediately struck me as I arrived in my first destination, Berlin.

The fairly recent history of the city and the country is shrouded in controversy, but the people and their culture have well and truly moved on and my first design/artwork ingestion was the Berlin Wall. Constructed in 1961, The Berlin Wall split the Nations capital in two until it fell in 1989 and has since become a beacon for hope and peace as well as acting as a reminder of the cities history.


The remaining segments of the wall are covered with artwork from various artists around the world that illustrate the emotions of those people at the time and the new found freedom that is now fully evident.


The Berlin Wall is an absolute must for those travelling through Germany and in need of a culture and a creative hit. Oh, and it’s FREE!

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