The New Guy – three weeks on the scene

Although I ‘unofficially’ began working at Argon late last year my official Argon career began mid January tackling logo design, newsletters, magazine ads and the odd dodgy oriental meal at the Central Markets.

It has flown by unbelievably quickly and I have enjoyed every minute completing various design projects whilst getting to know current and possible future clients. I had the honour of creating Argons new email signature and stationery package – so I am happy to say I have left my mark on Argon Design and I hope to make many more throughout my time at the company.

So far I’ve experienced Australia day in the Office, Jamie’s car conking out and having the trudge back the office, numerous trips to subway and the Central Markets, battling with a temperamental air-conditioner whilst doing designs for an air-conditioner company and the supposedly life-changing game of geoDefence (I am yet to delve into this world however).

I even attended my first networking meeting with Jason (albeit only 2 guys in a pub) but it was a new experience and I am looking forward to many eye-openers in the coming months.

Undoubtedly you will hear from me soon.

The New Guy (Josh West)

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