The Not So New Guy – Networking Groups

One of the most difficult things about being a recently graduated University student is marketing your services properly and obtaining effective business opportunities. As a fledging professional Graphic Designer starting my own business I found it very difficult to find new substantial work.

Since joining up with Argon Design I have been introduced to the medium of Business Networking groups. I have now been to several different Networking groups all run with different methods with different levels of interest and success.

It has been a real eye-opener to experience how these work and I have learnt several things about advertising yourself and your business:

You have to be genuine
The whole ‘business spiel’ might make you nervous at first but building trust and relationships is a must at these meetings and you will start feeling comfortable once a conversation is struck up.

Make sure you know your business
It is important if you are asked a question you know the answer, or know a way of getting the answer, this shows you are a reliable source of information.

Follow up the people you speak to
Once you have left the meeting and reflected on the conversations you have had, it is important to follow up, by email or phone, the people you connected well with to further the relationship.

So if you need a cheap, effective way of marketing yourself I would recommend trying out a local Business Networking group, whether you are a Creative or not.

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