The stranger in the office

I am Yuske (It’s pronounced more like “Yusukay”) and I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan.

I was thinking of moving to Adelaide therefore I was in need of a job and thought these guys at Argon Design looks nice, so I thought I’d send an email to see if they were looking to hire. This is how I initially made a contact with Argon Design when I was still working in Tokyo several months ago. Now I have moved to Adelaide and started to work at Argon this week. I do web design, development and some graphic work too.

It has been great working here during my first week, there is a good work environment and nice people who are very patient to listen to my odd English! So far I’ve worked on a menu design for Vino Ristorante and a website design for a wall building company. Hopefully, I can continue to contribute and bring a fresh, new flair to the company.

I am very excited to be a part of Argon Design and looking forward to working on a variety of new projects from now on in.

The newer guy (Yusuke)

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