What blog topics should I focus on

What blog topics should I focus on?

We’ve previously touched on why blogging is such an important part of your business model, but what exactly should you write about? It’s certainly an arduous task to keep consistently manufacturing content; particularly if you’re trying to run a business at the same time! But there are just so many benefits if you can battle on.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ‘blog types’, with corresponding examples, that will help you attract new site visits and reinforce client relationships.

  1. Explain what you actually do. Give your readers an insight into your business, this might be as simple as explaining industry lingo or recording an experience that a student in your particular field has encountered.
  2. Comment on the news. How are your clients affected by current affairs? This question prompted us to blog about the end of ‘Flash’ and what this meant for your browser, which subsequently triggered several businesses to update their clunky flash-riddled websites.
  3. Review an item. Make sure that any review is relevant in some way to your business. We tend to review popular new technology or well known rebrands as these are easily recognisable to our clients.
  4. Team News. This is a great way to introduce new team members or even welcome them back from maternity leave. Always try your best to have your stories link back to your business. For example if your designer decides to travel to Europe for a month, focus on their culture hit rather than the doubtless abundance of beer consumed.
  5. Create a Competition. Still one of our best blogs in terms of links back to the site, was our logo guessing competition way back in 2012. By offering a prize and linking the page through to our social media accounts we received numerous interest in the post and exposed Argon to many new potential clients.
  6. Make use of the season. We’ve blogged about Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and every year we help touch on the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the release of the poster. It’s topical, fresh and at the front of everybody’s mind.
  7. Who doesn’t love games! Again, a healthy dose of relevance is necessary, so we question readers on how good is your designer’s eye? and how well do you know these brand colours? linking back to the industry.
  8. Company resource list. Highlighting the tools that help you run your business and make your life so much easier helps clients get a further insight into your business.
  9. Report on a first-hand event. Did you get invited to speak at a conference or networking meeting? Why not blog about it. You can quote the speakers and recommend the experience to your readers.
  10. Plain old inspiration. Everybody needs an inspiration hit once in a while. We tend to blog about creative marketing campaigns and familiar logos to get our readers creative juices flowing.
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