What is project scoping and why do you need it?

So you have a brilliant idea for a product, but you have no idea where to start? What budget will you need? What platform will best service your product? Can it be integrated with third party services such as Xero, CRM software or similar?

All these questions can be answered by project scoping.

Scoping is the process where we take our clients on a customer journey following the 3 steps outlined below to determine project requirements and an accurate budget:


We speak to our clients about what they ideally would like to achieve, and what issues or pain points they want to address. Throughout this discovery phase, a list of desired outcomes is compiled.


We will research existing products and services (such as plugins) which may provide adequate solutions. Thorough exploration is required to ascertain whether all or some of the desired outcomes can be met through these ‘off the shelf’ options, or if something more unique is required—in which case we would scope out a custom-built solution.


As the result of the research undertaken, we will provide a tailored solution that meets, if not exceeds, client expectations and hits each of the key project outcomes.

How much does scoping cost?

The cost could range from half a day for a simple investigation, through to a few days of work for complex third-party integrations.

After the scoping is completed, if our clients choose to proceed with the estimate provided then the scoping fee will be deducted from the project total.

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