Work Experience with Elliott

This week Argon Design has hosted student Elliott in our Halifax street office. As with all our Work Experience students Elliott was tasked with the project of creating the Outlaw Café identity from initial concepts and research right through to the final polished product.

A little about Elliott

What School are you from?

Heritage College

Favourite movie:

The Giver

Favourite food:


Why have you chosen to do Work Experience at Argon Design?

I have chosen to do work experience at Argon because I really like Design and Art subjects at school. Also because I knew that they accepted work experience students from looking on their blog.

List 3 brands that inspire you and explain why:

Apple This is such a well known brand and they continue to creative new and innovative products that sell well and are very popular

Havaianas The go-to brand for flip flops. This brand has risen from being associated to poverty in Brazil to being worn by celebrities all over the world. They are also affordable and durable.

Kline layered sketchbooks and journals – This brand has risen from support on kickstarter and has managed to create something unique and usable.

How would you define the term ‘Branding’?

Branding is the company’s identity and logo, and also the idea that they are selling.

Where can you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

In my chosen career which is currently not set.

What do you enjoy most about design class at school?

The thing I enjoy most about design class at school is the actual designing. Particularly the idea and sketch creating stage. The final product is also very fun to create, but it can be very time consuming. I also like that I can choose to design anything I want.

What do you enjoy least about design class at school?

The thing i enjoy least about design at school is probably the research stage. It doesn’t really require much creativity. I also don’t like choosing what to design in one way – it’s so open-ended and it is often hard to pick something you really like that isn’t too complicated to design.

What do you like about living in Adelaide?

I have a lot of family and friends in Adelaide, and the trams in the city are free to use.

Provide a link to your favourite website:

What Elliott thought about his time with Argon

What has been your favourite part of the week?

My favourite part of the week has been learning all about Adobe Illustrator and what you can do with it, and also learning about the different roles of the Argon team members.

What have you found most challenging?

Adapting to Illustrator has been quite challenging for me because I’m used to photoshop and a lot of the functions are in different places and/or called different things. Adapting to using a mac has also been a small challenge, as I use a windows computer.

What have you learnt about Graphic Design during your week at Argon Design?

I have learnt that Illustrator is the choice program to use generally because you can create designs which can be resized without pixelating. I have also learnt a bit about the design process in doing the outlaw cafe project.

Which skills do you think you need to develop moving forward?

I think I need to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator really well because that is the program used in the majority of graphic design.

After a week in a Graphic Design office, can you see yourself as a designer as a future career?

Yes, I think I can see myself in this career because I love to create things, like using computers, and love the sense of accomplishment that comes with a finished project.

In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good graphic designer?

The qualities of a good graphic designer would have to be: creativity, tech-savvy, having a good eye for designs, and good music taste

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