Work Experience with Roberta Part 1

This week Argon has the pleasure of hosting work experience student Roberta Pehar in our Halifax Street office. Jason asked her the all the pressing questions, see below for her response.

Which School are you from?

Nazareth Catholic College, Adelaide, South Australia.

Favourite movie:

They Live (1988), it’s so bad it’s good. It has a really good message behind it too.

Favourite food:

Anything with chicken.

Favourite Pastimes/Hobbies:

Reading, going on tumblr or re-watching Breaking Bad.

Why have you chosen to do Work Experience at Argon Design?

I spent a lot of time viewing different websites and Argon stood out the most to me. The website was really trendy, the staff seemed really friendly and I loved the portfolio of work. I was also really glad that they didn’t use Comic Sans or Impact.

List some brands that inspire you. Explain why:


I attended a Young Leaders conference where co-founder Daniel Flynn was a guest speaker. He talked about the outreach that the brand has done and I was very impressed. The concept behind the brand is so simple but it’s providing basic necessities to those living in poverty all over the world.


I love that WWF works to protect endangered species and maintain a healthy environment. They are inspirational because they started out really small and now they are known internationally for the work that they do.

How would you define the term ‘Branding’?

‘Branding’ is the combination of design elements to produce a credible and innovative identity for a company. I think.

What can you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

That is a really hard question to answer because I’m at a crossroads with what type of career I want to pursue. I either see myself doing something more creative like writing, photography or graphic design but I also see myself in a more scientific field like chemistry or physics.

What do you enjoy most about graphic design class at school?

I really enjoy working with different medias and getting creative restrictions.

What do you enjoy least about graphic design class at school?

All the designing we do is without a computer; I wish we could work a little more with software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

What do you like about living in Adelaide?

I love that it’s cozy and easy to get around.

What is your favourite website (no social media!): (It has nothing to do with graphic design but I check it everyday.)

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