Work Experience with Samantha

This week Argon Design has hosted student Samantha in our Halifax street office. Sam is interested in art and design and is keen to learn more about the industry throughout her week at Argon. As with all our Work Experience students Sam was tasked with the project of creating the Outlaw Café identity from initial concepts and research right through to the final polished product.

A little about Sam

What School are you from?

Windsor Gardens Vocational College

Favourite movie:

21 Jump Street.

Favourite food:

Ice cream.

Why have you chosen to do Work Experience at Argon Design?

I chose to do my work experience at Argon as I’m really passionate about all my art/design subjects and wanted to see what sort of career opportunities are out there. I found argon and believe I could learn a lot during my time here.

List 3 brands that inspire you and explain why:

Apple as it’s such a popular and well-known brand.

Adidas as it’s so easily recognised.

Beats (by dre) again, it’s popular and is so familiar to everyone.

How would you define the term ‘Branding’?

I would define branding as the identity of a company and what makes it different to other businesses.

Where can you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

Either in/finishing uni or having completed my courses and heading into my chosen career.

What do you enjoy most about design class at school?

I really love the actual designing and creating side of the subject.

What do you enjoy least about design class at school?

I don’t really enjoy the theory side of it, although I know it needs to be completed in order to continue to the part I Iove.

What do you like about living in Adelaide?

I like that it’s fairly easy to get around and there are a lot more opportunities here than other towns.

Provide a link to your favourite website:

What Sam thought about her time with Argon

What has been your favourite part of the week?

My favourite part of the week would have to be the sketching and actual development of the Outlaw Café logo project.

What have you found most challenging?

I found the initial research quite challenging, but after some website inspiration suggestions I found it became much easier.

What have you learnt about Graphic Design during your week at Argon Design?

While working on the Outlaw Café project I gained a lot more experience and learnt a lot of new skills using Adobe Illustrator, which I hadn’t worked with before. I also got a much better understanding of the research involved in creating a new design.

Which skills do you think you need to develop moving forward?

I think I need to develop my skills in Illustrator in order to move forward, as that is the program I’d be using the most.

After a week in a Graphic Design office, can you see yourself as a designer as a future career?

Yes I am definitely interested in perusing a career in this path. I do however, believe I need to continue looking at my options and developing my skills in this area first. But I definitely have a lot better idea of where I want to go and how to get there.

In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good graphic designer?

I think good qualities of a graphic designer include approachability and somebody who follows the wishes of the customer.

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