10 logos for TV Show Branding

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to discover that logos are everywhere. Whether it’s a brandmark, lettermark, wordmark, icon, graphic or symbol these little branding devices can be seen from stationery to signage, towers to television screen; which is where we pick up todays blog.

With all the action, drama, comedy, rose-giving ceremonies and tribal councils on our television screens it can be difficult to notice the humble logo pop up on set. This is where the qualities of a logo (simplicity, memorable, timelessness and versatility) must be a force against all the other noise.

You were all exemplary at guessing the 10 logos for Cinematic Branding but how well do you know these 10 fictional logos in the televisual equivalent?

tv-show-logo-01 tv-show-logo tv-show-logo-10 tv-show-logo-09 tv-show-logo-07 tv-show-logo-06 tv-show-logo-05 tv-show-logo-04

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