Adelaide Fringe 2014

Next years Adelaide Fringe poster, which guides the branding for the rest of the event, has been revealed featuring a two-colour collision of spots.

The theme for this year’s competition was ‘two colour collision’ and the winning entry, created by South Australian (now Melbourne based) artist Sharon Moreno features a grid of red and blue spots tilted at a 30º angle of each other. Wherever the spots overlap a charcoal colour appears. The design pulls off the arduous task of having a continuous pattern, as well as appearing random when being applied to printed and online collateral.


Adelaide Fringe Festival Poster 2014

The 2014 poster designed by artist Sharon Moreno.

The overall form of the design is a great deal simpler and cleaner compared to previous competition winners, which have often revolved around texture and multiple dynamic elements.

I dare say expect to see a smattering of blue and red dots appearing on numerous surfaces around Adelaide in the lead up to the opening on February 14 next year.

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