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Branding State of Origin

Earlier this year both Victoria and New South Wales revealed new brandmarks to represent their respective states; this follows the release of the South Australian state logo back in 2013. Despite the two eastern states being slightly wet behind the ears (in terms of substantial branding application) there is enough material to award the gold, silver and bronze medals in the Branding State of Origin.

South Australia

Even though the release of the South Australian logo back in March 2013 was met with apprehension and dread, the logo has managed to filter its way into the South Australian psyche and is now a recognisable emblem for the ‘Festival State’. While still not ticking every ‘design aesthetic’ box, with the awkward looking triple framed doorway and relatively basic typography, the ‘doorway concept’ for the logo and the overall brand is by far the most creative of the three states.

The doorway that is South Australia. With multiple doors all opening up our State. Welcoming tourists, migrants, investors, traders and businesses. Inviting discovery. Accessing our secrets. Offering a refuge, communication, friendship and hospitality.


Despite the under-developed style of the identity the strong concept saves the brand from disaster.



Victoria‘s Melbourne is widely regarded as the ‘design capital of Australia’ so there are always high expectations when any branding for the state is revealed. While it is still early days, there have been several graphics released that help the public see the branding in context; and all-in-all it’s pretty tidy. The typography is modern, despite the ‘C’ not fitting comfortably inside the angle, and the applications are all well presented. The only real downfall is the large ‘V’ concept, particularly the disjointed way the ‘Melbourne’ adaptation of the logo sits within the angled border.

The iconic Big V is back as the striking visual centrepiece of a brand that is as adaptable and diverse as the state it represents. Its flexibility will allow it to be used as a modern, consistent brand across government. It will also be available to Victorian business and tourism operators to make their own.


As usual Victoria has the ability to make their branding beautiful despite the Tasmanian-esque brandmark concept.

New South Wales


The New South Wales logo was revealed several weeks after their fellow eastern-state rivals and is similarly yet to stretch its legs in the marketplace. The logo has a distinctly ‘designed by committee’ vibe as the clichéd ribbon and gradient elements reek of decade old design trends. The unimaginative attempt is further crippled by the treatment of the ‘S’ that completely dismantles the ribbon acronym concept.

The vision for the NSW Government is to transform the state as a place of innovation, invention and progress. Creating a robust, smart economy will underpin a compassionate and prosperous society, and in turn, improve people’s lives by making it easier for citizens to live, work, move around and access services.


The epitome of an unfinished concept; either run out of money, time or imagination.


So, with a healthy dose of state pride and the possibility of bias the winner is the South Australian logo. This was inconceivable two and a half years ago, when the logo was first launched, but with by far the most dynamic concept we couldn’t go past the ‘doorways’ despite their suspect framework. Victoria takes away the consolation prize with an exciting brand that we’ll be keeping our eyes on in the coming years, while we wait with bated breath to see how the application of the New South Wales logo will save their branding.

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