Clever Easter Ads

Similarly to Christmas, and the surrounding holiday period, the Easter break has strong links to religion and Christianity. However nowhere in the Bible does it make mention of Easter Bunnies pooping out Chocolate Easter Eggs.

The symbols of the eggs and the rabbit were adapted into early Christian traditions in order to persuade Pagans to convert to Christianity. The tradition was then carried on by several cultures over the centuries.

Swifts Premium Ham Easter Ad

From these early ties the brand and recognition of Easter has gone global. One of the first signs of noted Easter commercialism was in the 19th century, when German chocolate makers began creating rabbit-shaped treats for Easter celebrations. See above an image from the turn of last century advertising Swifts Premium Ham from McClure’s Magazine.

Advertising has come a long way since then as can be shown from these creative Easter posters. Enjoy!

Kaefer Happy Easter!

M&M's Arriving in Time for Easter

Nestle Chocolate doesn't have to be evil

Don't get closer to God this Easter

New Scientist Magazine Happy Easter

Almaden Easter for Adults

Heineken Chocolate Beer

Cologne Zoo Happy Easter


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