Design: the link between aesthetics and functionality

Design: the link between aesthetics and functionality

In this day and age, there are numerous options available for anybody wishing to create a logo or develop a website. The near-infinite supply of design and coding software makes it easy for DIY designers; all they need is an idea, a computer and enough creativity to pull it all off. While many business owners have the vision to imagine (and often the skills to produce) something that looks aesthetically pleasing, as always the devil is in the detail.

The ability to recognise that something ‘looks pretty’ comes naturally to most entrepreneurs. The skills to identify marketing trends and appealing brands holds many operators in good stead as they tackle the business world. Knowing when to outsource your work is also a quality that shouldn’t go unheralded. There is a crucial link wedged in between aesthetic appreciation and brand functionality that is all-too-often forgotten. This neglected middle man goes by the name of ‘Design’.

Design is regularly caught up in a tug-of-war between a client brief and the final envisioned outcome. To create the most appealing, most valuable product, the end user must enjoy a seamless experience. In basic terms, an effective design makes all content easy to digest. The more ‘work’ a user has to do ‘chasing’ content around a page, the less likely they will consider a product or business.

An effective design makes all content easy to digest.

Does the statement “this is all too hard” sound familiar? This downcast declaration is often the result of content not meeting functional objectives, whether this is information contained in an air-conditioning manual or online retail website.

The ability to design is much more than neatly laying out text, images and brand elements on a page. All content must be arranged, throughout an entire document or brand style, with a logical flow. Skilled, experienced designers make crucial decisions in the planning phases of a project that set a long-term path for success. This insight shouldn’t be taken lightly; it saves businesses considerable time and countless headaches when it comes to alter or refresh their brand.

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