How good is your designers eye

How good is your designer’s eye?

The folks at iGame have created an ‘eye test‘ specifically aimed at honing your ‘designer’s eye’.

The game presents a colour grid that gives you 15 seconds to select the rogue shade of red, pink, purple, green, brown or whatever the generator spits out. But be careful, for every box you select that is incorrect you lose 3 seconds! It starts off pretty modestly then builds into a clicking chaos of multiple ‘near exact’ shades that will have you screaming “they are all the flipping same!”

Designer Eye Test

This will give you some idea on the diversity of colours.

After a morning of pulling his hair out designer Josh managed to post a respectable ‘hawk-like’ score of 28. I guess those hours or flicking through Pantone books trying to nail that perfect colour must have finally paid off. Have you got the eyes of a bat? Dog? Tiger? Or, so I’m reliably informed for scores of 30+, a robot!


Test out your colour recognition skills here.

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