How to edit your images using Online Photo Editor

Many of the websites we build these days are in a Content Management System such as WordPress which allows our clients to edit their own content. Whilst Content Management Systems have definitely come along way since their inception, allowing anyone with some basic computer skills but no knowledge of website code to be able to maintain their website, there is one thing that the user will still have to do from time to time and thats edit your images!

Many sites require exact dimensions of images otherwise they will appear stretched and distorted. We have located an excellent image editing program that can be used online that can crop and resize any image.

To edit an image first go visit Online Photo Editor and upload the file you wish to edit in the top left under Online Photo Editor

Once your image is loaded you can select the different options above the image to start editing, the main ones we will focus on are Crop and Resize.


  • Click on resize and size your image proportionately to what you are after
  • Click Resize
  • Click Save
  • Click Save to hard drive


  • Click Crop and then click & drag a bounding box on the image to create a crop of the original image
  • Click Apply when you are happy with crop
  • Click Save
  • Click Save to hard drive

Once you have the correct size and crop of your image you can then upload that into your CMS to use in your website avoiding distorted, stretched or low quality images!

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