Movie Characters Designed as 8-bit Animated Gifs

Previously we have brought you a clever spin on cartoon characters made up entirely of Lego pieces via a branding and advertising agency from Germany. Now it’s talented Slovakian designer Dusan Cezek who has recreated his favourite movie characters and scenes using 8-bit animated gifs with very ‘nostalgic gaming’ results.

I like to explore all kinds of different styles and expressions, I really don’t like to be stuck with one style for too long. So this was my first and, as it seems, last pixel project. It combines my two passions: directing and illustration. I chose some of my favourite movies for the project – not necessarily mainstream but known enough to be recognised.
– Dusan Cezek

Some of the picks from around the office were The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction and Shaun of the Dead – but nobody managed to get all of them correct, can you?

If you’re stuck on any of the answers, flick our Design Coordinator Joshua West an email at and he’ll be able to fill in the blanks.

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