When should you outsource work?

When should you outsource work?

Running a business, especially a start-up, can often be a stressful and costly exercise. It’s quite easy to become overrun and overworked while burning the candle at both ends. Unless you’ve got Stephen Hawking’s mind and Inspector Gadget’s adaptability you may want to look at outsourcing some of your work.

Anybody who has started a business can tell you that it’s certainly not easy. Whether it’s online, from the office or your home study an entrepreneur has so much to do to keep the various cogs of their company turning, and with only so many hours in the day, their to-do list can grow overwhelmingly long.

Depending on your skills and industry there are several questions you need to consider before outsourcing. Are your accounts secure in the hands of an outsider? Will your privacy be risked if you hire a cleaner? Will you lose managerial control if you outsource your services? But what about branding.

There are many tools at your fingertips that make setting up your business ‘easy’. There are cheap logo design sites out there to get your brand started. Websites can be created from templates. Photos can be taken on your iPhone. Plus, you’ve posted loads of tweets, writing content for a website can’t be too different, right? Wrong. While all of these options are out there and available, you should always stick to your, and your teams, strengths to create a coherent and consistent appearance.

There are just too many things that can go wrong and eventually absorb even more of your time. Logos from cheap design websites can look uninspired. Templated websites often appear generic. iPhone photos come across as grainy or blurred. And I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but your 140 character sentences won’t cut it in the world of website copywriting.

These are some prime examples of when you should seek help from the professionals. Sure, you can go it alone. And yes, it’s all very possible. But there is a high likelihood that your credibility and business brand will be in jeopardy; not to mention lengthening your already overstretched schedule.

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