Which paper stock is best for you?

Earlier this month we visited the Mohawk Exhibition, held at the National Wine Centre, presented by our paper supplier BJ Ball and it acted as a strong reminder about the broad range of results different paper stocks can make to your artwork.

Many of you have heard the paper finishes such as like gloss, matt and recycled but when deciding on a stock it’s important to know how your print will appear and which one will best match your business or specific project.

gloss stock



A gloss finish produces a smooth, shiny and reflective surface (as well as a sharp printed image) on coated papers and it is produced by adding compounds during the paper making process. A higher gloss is usually seen on higher quality coated papers however this option is surprisingly cost effective when higher quantities are produced. Commonly used for stationery items and brochures, interchangeable with Matt finishes.




A finish on a coated paper that is smooth but gives a dull appearance. Also known as a ‘matte finish’ this is a good choice for print jobs in which a high quality is required as they give a professional appearance but are still cost effective. Commonly used for stationery items and brochures, interchangeable with Gloss finishes.




Easily the cheapest option as it is the quickest and easiest to make, involving less elementsĀ in the paper making process. You will find this rougher, uncoated stock most commonly in your office printers, photocopiers and fax machines.




There are many and varied types of finished recycled paper as stocks can be made from different percentages of recycled material with the price of the stock having a strong correlation with the amountĀ of recycled content in the paper. A lot of clients still associate Recycled papers with the original style of flecked fibrous looking papers, however recycled papers have come a long way, and there are many these days that are extremely smooth and white in appearance.




Kraftboard or other packaging boards can epitomise the natural look with a low fibre density and high yield giving it outstanding strength and durability. Packaging boards when used in an intelligent way can be highly versatile and a cost effective option. Often used for packaging and organic style branding.

Within these stocks there are still many more options for stock weights, laminates, extra finishes, die-cuts, sizes, shapes and so much more than we can fit into a mere blog. If you have anything in mind feel free to come into the office on Halifax Street and share your ideas with us.

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