Why Flash shouldn’t be used in websites

Flash was originally designed as a software to create Multimedia presentation’s. Over time designers starting implementing Flash elements into websites and whilst this made websites look more visually attractive it would often do more harm to the website then good.

Everything that is enclosed within the Flash elements on a website cannot be read by website crawlers. This means if you menu is in flash then search engines such as Google have no idea about it. What is even worse is if big slabs of content are fully enclosed in your Flash website. This is terrible for Search Engine Optimization as none of your content or keywords are found by the crawlers.

If this much wasn’t enough to steer designers away from using heavy Flash elements on websites then the changing landscape the World Wide Web has taken over the past couple of years should! The explosion of the iPhone is singlehandedly enough reason for Web Designers to give up their infatuation with Flash. Apple have consciously decided that they will not allow this evil (Flash) to run on their iPhones/iPads. And there will be no support in the future, Steve Jobs has categorically stated as much. This stems from a long standing dispute between developers Adobe and Apple. As the iPhone/iPad has become ridiculously popular recently and will only get even more so, it is very important that when users are browsing to your site that it is actually working!

So in conclusion if you want your website to be Search Engine Friendly, gain higher rankings in all the major search engines, and be visible on the iPhones & iPads, then we suggest you stay clear of the use of Flash elements in your website! Should you currently have Flash in your website speak to us about getting your pages recoded!

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