Digital Marketing Services

Google Adwords setup

Create Google Account, link Google Ads account to manager account, develop and integrate scripts, competitor research, keyword research, link Google ads to Analytics, create ad extensions, plan campaign structure, plan ad group structure, plan conversion actions, add conversion tracking to website, negative keyword research, setup remarketing, link Google My Business, A/B testing, and monthly reporting.

Google My Business: Management (30) Days

Listing optimisation, Post to profile, Spam monitoring, Media tagging & media uploading, Client engagement, Listing maintenance & support, Monthly reporting & insights.

Google Adwords: Management (30) Days

Summary of tasks which may be performed each month depending on requirements and performance include: Audit campaign & strategy, Eliminate irrelevant traffic, Budget pacing, Keyword expansion & clean-up, Quality score management, Performance based bid management, CTR optimisation on all verticals, Review time of day, device, demographic & geographic performance, Competitor analysis, Optimisation of cost per click, impression share & cost per conversion, Ad copy A / B testing & component optimisation, Benchmarking, Mobile strategy management, Review ad extensions, Detailed reporting.

Organic: Landing page & conversion optimisation

Landing page design & optimisation, Hotjar installation, license and review, Review of new weekly content / articles and adjust / post as required

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