5 ways to maximise lead generation through your website
by Argon

5 ways to maximise lead generation through your website

If you’ve run a small business for any length of time, you will know that lead generation is invaluable for developing your market share. You will also be aware of how pricey hiring a salesperson can be, not to mention how much time is absorbed attending networking meetings. So, it’s vital that all of the cogs, in your business wheel, are rolling toward the same marketing goal.

Most business owners realise in order for their organisations to succeed they must have a professional website, amongst their online arsenal, to appear trustworthy and professional. However, some brands still put all of their eggs in the social media basket, citing there are more opportunities for ‘engagement’ on these platforms. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and all of the other myriad of social sites are built for communication, they, ultimately, feel sterile and ‘illegitimate’ compared to an expertly planned and executed business website.

Due to short deadlines or tight budgets, many small business sites lack user engagement. While they still act perfectly as an eye-catching ‘online brochure’, these websites, when optimised, boost lead generation and help grow businesses. Here are 5 ways to transform any idle ‘brochure-esk’ site into an engaging marketing machine.

Incorporate a micro-landing page

By now, I’m sure you know internet users have painfully short attention spans. In fact, if you’ve made it this far into the blog you deserve a gold star. Well done! Being able to capture a viewer’s attention quickly is important; enter the micro-landing page.

These full-page pop-ups appear in response to specific user behaviour, such as hovering over text or attempting to exit the site. This real-time ‘insight’ prompts action, when engagement is most needed, leading to an increased level of interaction.

Integrate a blog

We know more than most that starting, then subsequently maintaining, a blog can be hard work. But trust us, it’s worth it. Qualifying yourself as a leader in the industry, through constant blogging, is a fantastic way to assist and attract potential clients.

Need some help thinking of blogging topics? These 10 blog topics should get you started.

Add picture-friendly testimonials

Top quality testimonials are a salesperson’s dream. These friendly little narratives actively promote your products and services without raising so much as a sweat. Testimonials are so successful that basically all major businesses now integrate them, in some form or another, into their marketing. However, as a result, their perceived legitimacy has become questionable.

Integrating the profiles of real people; including their names, positions and employers, along with the written testimonials adds much-needed credibility. Convincing your audience that these glowing reviews, do in fact, originate from actual people boosts integrity and generates leads.

Make sure your site is responsive

If in 2017 your business website still isn’t developed in a responsive framework, you’ve got serious issues. Not only has Google threatened to squash your search rankings, but your users aren’t experiencing the best version of your brand online.

More and more users access websites via smartphone and tablet, which is bad news for outdated, non-responsive pages. Frustrated users are inclined to exit sites that don’t function as expected.

Upgrade your contact forms

It’s common for most ‘Contact Us’ pages to contain contact forms; a simple layout of ‘Name’, Email’ and ‘Query.’ A fantastic way to ‘soup-up’ your form, and consequently gather more information, is to request for additional details. Telephone numbers, company names, job titles and ‘services that may interest the user’ are vital tidbits that strengthen your contact base.

The faster and more accurately you assist the users of your website, the more likely they will become loyal long-standing clients. But beware, treat this information with care. Don’t get too spammy. You can lose your clients as quickly as you gained them.

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