Advantages of Cloud-based Email

The typical corporate email that employees can only access when in the office is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As technology becomes more mobile, employees want to be able to access their email everywhere to allow for mobile responses and flexible work schedules. More and more companies are transitioning to a cloud-based email model where they cannot only make messaging systems available to a more mobile and flexible workforce, but where they can also reduce storage costs. Lets look at some of the advantages of moving to cloud-based Email…

Server Space

When running your website and email on the same server it is typically have 1gb or below in storage space. If you had 5 employees that would give each an account of 200mb which in this day and age is very small. cloud-based email solutions come with huge amounts of storage, often 10GB+ so you will never have to worry about deleting an email again!


Cloud-based does have a cost involved but the price per gigabyte is much cheaper then vs the typical set up. Also compared to having an in-house IT person to maintain the process of email archiving, cloud-based archiving solutions are considerably cheaper in terms of upfront costs and monthly fees per user.

More Secure

No one can change or tamper any email inside the cloud for future audits or litigation.

Conveniently accessible

You can access your archive using any device, anywhere and anytime as long as internet connection is available.

Unlimited backup

Unlike the in-house email archiving, the cloud-based email archive solution does not limit space. It grows as the volume of your emails grow.

Better uptime schedule

Compared to local solutions, if you are subscribed to a cloud based archiving model, power outages and hardware failures won’t be much of a problem.

Iron-clad security

Data security for cloud based solutions are far more greater than local solutions

So when it comes to setting up your next email account think about switching to cloud based emails, a more secure, cost effective and flexible way to store your emails!

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