The end for Flash

Beginning of the end for Flash?

Some might argue that Flash has been a downward spiral for years. In fact Jamie, our Web Manager, flagged it as a big no-no right back at the start of 2011. However despite the softwares numerous drawbacks the platform can still be seen in advertisements across the internet. Yes, those annoying moving ads that pop up on the side of web pages are made in Flash.

However a serious blow has been struck by Amazon, one of the largest Internet-based retailers around the world, no longer accepting Flash ads on their site or its third party advertising platform. The change has come about due to recent measures various internet browsers have taken to snuff out what’s left of the once great Flash empire.

Earlier this year both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers placed certain restrictions on the delivery of online Flash Ads; placing their short term relevance in big risk. The industry, as a whole, has instead pushed for the speedier and more mobile-friendly HTML5.

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