Guide to Facebook image dimensions

Have you ever uploaded an image to Facebook only to find it was pixelated or awkwardly cropped? Facebook compresses, crops, cuts and flat out mangles even the best imagery to fit within its online guidelines. You therefore must ‘play by their rules’ if you want to achieve an accurate visual result.

On average 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every single day so understandably there must be some way of standardising each picture; whether it be a ‘Profile’, ‘Cover’, ‘Post’ or ‘Link’ image. Each of these image types are explained and analysed below; leaving you with the best result to represent your brand online.

Profile and Cover Images

The below diagram is a guide to show how both your Profile and Cover images will appear on a computer screen (with a cropped appearance on mobile).

The Cover image should be designed at 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels high to achieve the best result, however the image is cropped at 828 x 315. The main issue when it comes to this image displaying on mobile is that it is heavily cropped on each side resulting in a much narrower display. We often have clients requesting text on their Cover images however we approach this with caution as the end result can be unfavourable. We prefer using large bold images that don’t rely on formatting.

The Profile photo should be designed at 180 x 180, despite Facebook displaying the image 160 x 160 on computer and 140 x 140 on mobile.


Shared Post Images

There are several different internal page ‘images’ that are displayed in a variety of different ways. The ‘Post’ image should ideally be designed at 1,200 x 630 however this is not always easy. At an absolute minimum your image should be 504 pixels wide otherwise grey bars appear next to the images when displayed in your feed, losing design impact of the post when it appears in newsfeeds.



Shared Link Images

The ‘Link’ image should ideally be designed at 1,200 x 627 pixels. Facebook scales photos both under and over the recommended dimensions so it’s always better to err on the side of caution when uploading images. Bigger equals better!


Multiple Link Images

Each ‘Multiple Link’ image should ideally be designed at 600 x 600 pixels. Again Facebook will scale these images down, 200 x 200 pixels for Desktop and 460 x 460 pixels for Mobile, but getting the size right from the start will reduce any pixelation on the image.



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