How Twitter can be useful for your Business

Social Media, it seems it is everywhere these days! One of the fastest rising brand’s in the Social Media game is without a doubt Twitter. Now with over 200 Million users worldwide, it is entrenched as the second biggest Social Media platform behind Facebook.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is essentially a public instant messaging service. These messages are referred to as ‘tweets’. Each tweet can only be up to 140 characters long. This makes the messages short and straight to the point. Users who are overwhelmed and unlikely to read large blocks of text often embrace the shorter forms as they can be quickly read over.

How can Twitter help my Business?

Twitter allows businesses to interact with their customers by broadcasting information and/or updates and address comments or concerns about their products or services. This keeps your customers informed. It can direct traffic to your site by listing website updates, new products, competitions, or a call of action that would have otherwise gone unnoticed without a twitter update.

For example, suppose you owned a restaurant, you could send tweets to your followers/customers about new menu changes, the daily specials, upcoming events etc. As a result, customers stay engaged in your business.

The real pulling power of Twitter though is often exposed through “Re-Tweets”. Re-Tweets are essentially a repeat of your tweet by another twitter user. In most cases these relate to a tweet the user has found interesting or engaging, therefore they would like to share it within their circle of followers. Say for example you tweeted about a product special, all your followers will get this tweet, however one of your followers has found this special quite impressive and has “re-Tweeted” the tweet to their followers. Then one of their followers may also do the same. Instead of the tweet only been seen by your own user base it is now seen on three peoples followers list! It’s this exponential exposer that can really increase brand awareness.

Keep your brand in mind!

Always remember that your followers CHOOSE to follow you! They have decided they would like to keep in touch with your updates and news. Therefore your tweets must be informative and interesting! Keep them quite personal. Users are very easily turned off and if your account comes across as a constant sales pitch users are most likely to Unfollow you and your twitter image can do more harm to your brand then good!

It is also worth the effort to brand your twitter page! Create a custom background that fits into your branding! This way followers will relate to your business instantly.

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