Why do I need help building my website
by Argon

I don’t need help with my site, I can build it myself!

Over the past few years ‘website template’ sites have increased in popularity mainly because of their relatively uncomplicated setup. They allow you to simply insert your content and whammo, you have a website. Sounds pretty painless right? There’s no denying it is… at the beginning.

Apart from the other various justifications you shouldn’t purchase a template, the biggest reason, that escapes most people, is the necessity to maintain their shiny new toy, which takes time! Plug-ins (those crazy bits of software that web developers write to ‘make our lives easier’) and Content Management Systems, such as WordPress (the most popular CMS in the world), continually need updating for security, bug fixes, enhanced performance and new features. That’s where issues begin to arise, when the back end of the website isn’t monitored and upgraded regularly. It’s easy to get carried away installing a myriad of funky, ‘must have’ plug-ins but the reality is that ‘not all software is created equal’. The truth is if those developers don’t offer sound support for your plug-ins you’re faced with a potentially vulnerable site.

At the end of the day you need to weigh up your time, and that of your business, compared to the time it will take to understand your CMS and continually maintain the back end of your website. You have to ask yourself, do you really have time to frequently sit down and make sure all elements of your site are working as smoothly as possible?

This is where we step in. Argon maintains, designs and develops websites on a daily (if not hourly) basis and are readily available to offer assistance should anything go wrong. We only use reputable, well supported plug-ins from credible companies and even offer the maintenance of your website free of charge for the first 12 months.

So before you start spending extra money on your website, take into account the ongoing time it will take you to keep it looking its best.

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