by Jamie

Internet Explorer 9, can we expect significant improvement?

The bane of many web developers existence has been Internet Explorer. The browser has been very buggy for many releases and fails to adhere to web standards. Over the past few years the browser market has had some great competition with the likes of Firefox, Google and Safari breaking uncharted waters and each pushing each other to strive for innovative ideas.

Microsoft has never really paid much attention as it still had the massive market share due to the bundle of IE6 pre-installed on all Windows XP machines, however even as recently as the last few months IE has lost over 8% of the market share in browsers and now have reached an all time low of 59.3% of usage share . Users are more educated these days and now know they don’t have to use what came with Windows, but there are a wide range of much better options to keep your computer secure of spyware and adware!

Due to the sudden rise of Google Chrome in the past 24 months as well as the steady rise of Firefox and Safari the people over at Microsoft have finally decided to do something about IE. The much anticipated release of IE9 has promised to be a much improved version, but then again we heard the same thing with IE7 and IE8 and whilst improvements, they still fall way short of the mark in innovation and creativity!

However, by all reports and reviews already out there, it seems Microsoft have finally stepped up and have offered a fast, reliable and secure browser option! Will you be giving IE9 a go? I for one will stick with Chrome and Firefox for a while yet! It will take a lot of convincing to switch back over to IE given all the grief previous versions have caused me!

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