Internet Explorer to be killed off?

There have been recent reports Microsoft will be ditching their sluggish, error-riddled internet browser ‘Internet Explorer’ in the upcoming release of Windows 10. The company is planning to replace ‘IE’ with a leaner, meaner and more sophisticated ‘next-generation’ browser, codenamed ‘Project Spartan’.

The new browser will offer users advanced functionality including faster load times and automatic web page downloads so they can be read offline. But has Microsofts charge back into the browser wars come too late?

Throughout recent years Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been losing the battle against Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and despite later IE versions improving significantly, the dodgy stigma related with the product has prevented them from gaining ground. So it was only a matter of time before they either completely revolutionised their troublesome programming or scrap the platform all together, they’ve wisely decided to do the latter.

Having said that, Microsoft will still be sticking with the nearly 20-year-old browser for all non-Windows 10 platforms, much to the distaste of developers worldwide who have had to deal with IE bugs, security issues, insufficient browser updates and incompatibility for years. However, it appears Microsoft seem to be making up for their shortcomings and we hope, for the sanity of Jamie and Yusuke in the Argon Design web team, they get it right!

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