Microsoft new browser brand lacks Edge

Microsoft new browser brand lacks ‘Edge’

In March we reported that Microsoft were finally dismantling their tedious ‘Internet Explorer’ browser and replacing it with code name ‘Project Spartan’. Sounded pretty exciting, eh? Well hold onto your hats, the multi-billion organisation has gone with the corporate heavy ‘Microsoft Edge’.

Out with the old and in with the… equally as old? We can imagine the board members sitting in the meeting room trying to think of something ‘edgy’ and someone pulling ‘Edge’ out of the bag. An evolution, not a revolution. It is interesting that they’ve taken such a conservative approach, especially considering they’re up against compelling browser names such as ‘Firefox’, ‘Chrome’ and ‘Safari’ whilst still trying to stifle the terrible stigma that blighted their previous ‘Internet Explorer’ product.

But that’s not the worst of it. The logo that they’re running with is just a slightly modified version of the old logo! The lowercase ‘e’, colouring in blue and bisected ’90’s-inspired swoop’ all still linger as a haunting reminder of its maligned predecessor.

Microsoft browsers Old vs New. Explorer vs Edge.

Microsoft browsers Old vs New. Explorer vs Edge.

The reasons for Microsofts prudence are in an effort to preserve the few left in the unwavering IE community. Many ‘Explorer’ users will be unaware that anything else in the market exists, due to their durable relationship with the Microsoft brand, and are likely to get the shock of their lives, when finally updating their browsers (to the collective applause of developers everywhere) to discover a completely unique icon popping up on their desktop. On the other hand they have been losing ground in the Browser Wars for far too long to cling on to the past.

It’s an obvious strategic, rather than aesthetic, approach employed by Microsoft and it will only be a matter of time until we see if the often ‘brand-picky’ tech community fully embrace the blunt appearing ‘Edge’.

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