Should I Own Multiple Domain Address
by Argon

Should I own multiple web addresses for my domain name?

The strategy behind purchasing your web domain name (or names) is a fundamental component in your business blueprint. You will obviously need to come up with your own business name, consider how this will appear once it’s configured as a domain, then figure out who is in your marketing sights to for the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years! It’s a lot to take in, but it will help you decide whether or not to focus on your Australian customers or head abroad.

This prior planning will direct you to purchase either a or a .com address. But should you select both? Or more?!

There was a time when Google (and it’s other competing search engines) were still in their infancy and placed an excessive amount of importance on having relatable keywords in domain names. It wasn’t long before we, as the irresponsible public we are, abused their naivety by scooping up multiple ‘relevant’ names and redirecting them to our main website. It was a glorious 15-minutes of fame for those SEO cowboys… but those days are long gone.

A much matured Google promptly shut down this practise and ensured there were no additional SEO benefits to having multiple relevant domains, unless, however, the business has an international focus. This is where that aforementioned planning comes into action.

If you’re an Australian-based business eager to grow into an international conglomerate, make sure you purchase both and .com. Even if you don’t use the .com initially, it’s always handy to have it in your back pocket.

If you’re keen on keeping your business local, just go with the It is held in a much higher regard in the Australian market and you won’t be forking out unnecessarily funds for domains you are unlikely to use.

And if you’re still interested in buying up a whole heap of domains and smothering the internet with a bunch of irrelevant links… maybe you should come into the office for a lengthier chat.

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