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The .au domains are coming! A new shorter Australian domain

The .au website domain is coming – a newer, shorter Australian domain

Most people are well aware of the ending of a website domain. This has been the standard to easily identify if the website you’re accessing is Australian.

Coming very soon however, auDA, the governing body for Australian domain names, will be releasing a new domain extension… the .au (no .com necessary!).

This is great news if you missed out on your preferred domain due to another business having already registered it, as you’ll have the chance to snap up the .au version.

A few benefits of the .au domain are:

It’s memorable

Keep your domain as short as possible and remove an extra four characters from your website address, making it simple and snappy.

It’s Australian

Let the world know your website is based in Australia.

It’s visible

Australian domain names tend to appear higher in local search engine results.

Ease of registration

The .au domain will also make it easier for everyone in Australia to get online. No ABN checks will be required as they have been when registering domains – you’ll just need to be an Australian resident.

Currently, there’s no specific date for when .au domains will be open for registration but it’s thought to be sometime towards the end of 2019.

When the time comes, the team at Argon will be primed and ready to help if you would like to register your .au domain. We can also provide you with more information when and as it becomes available.

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