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Alright, we admit it. Website hosting and ongoing web support isn’t the sexiest topic. But trust us, a properly configured hosting and maintenance package will save you, and your customers, many headaches down the track. So, bite your lip and let’s get through this together.

The speed and performance of your domain is directly associated with the credibility of your host company and their location in the world. Did you know that your online Australian visitors will suffer slower download times if your domain is hosted internationally?

There are thousands of web hosting options out there and it’s important to know what they offer. Are they based in America? India? The Phillippines? Will they be able to provide web support when something goes wrong? We use an Australian server for our Adelaide and interstate clients, resulting in quicker load times and superior website performance.

We also offer ongoing support, through our maintenance packages, which maintain the professionalism of your online presence and continuity of your brand. This support includes CMS core and security renewals, updating plugins and any associated costs, bug fixes if/when they occur and on-call phone support during business hours.

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