Understanding the project content is the first step to creating a truly unique publication design. This statement may sound like an obvious one, but you might be surprised how many ‘rinse and repeat’ templates are rolled out for branding documents. Knowing your list of products, skills and the industries you service, plays a significant part in establishing a style for the design. We take time to digest all relevant information so we can, firstly, accurately quote the project, then create an informed platform to support the content.

Unlike many other areas of design, the size of ‘publication projects’ fluctuates considerably; from a 4-page flyer to a 100-page annual report design. As a result, this discipline can become a daunting task for some, but not the Argon team. We’ve tackled all manner of publication design projects over the years, including product catalogues, prospectuses, guides, booklets and brochures send-outs spread across Adelaide. Our efficient management processes keep projects on track and as stress-free as possible in the lead up to often tight production deadlines.

We manage your written, graphic and brand libraries, advise on any required additional copywriting or photography services and create infographic designs that provide visual breaks for publications with solid text blocks. By maintaining a constant flow, encompassing all these elements, we are able to enhance your publication content, while keeping it educational and engaging.

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