Style Guides

Once an identity has been researched and established, it’s essential that the brand standards continue throughout all future marketing collateral; whether created in-house or by your design team. All details need to remain consistent, across all mediums, to achieve a seamless, corporate design.

Your logo is the most common touchpoint for many clients. So, it goes without saying that an accurate representation of your brandmark is paramount to maintaining your visual standards. However, other elements, such as typography, colour palette and spacing also need to be controlled to achieve your branding goals.

We recommend all companies, which have taken the time and effort to invest in a new identity, continue their journey with a comprehensive style guide in place. There is no point assembling a stable brand base only for future works to chip away at the foundation.

In competitive markets, where all credible businesses enjoy close working relationships with each other, such as Adelaide, it’s imperative that your brand manual is taken as gospel. Without a consistent and professional style guide in place, it won’t be long before both clients and collaborators question your competence.

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