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Jason Studio Director

Jason has worked in the creative industry since 2001; when he was hired as a graphic designer for a promotions company. His years at Argon have seen him develop his unique range of hacky sack skills and consume industrial quantities of coffee. This regular caffeine hit helps him stay awake long enough to play video games, watch sci-fi movies and immerse himself in technology in his spare time.

Jamie Web Manager

After spending a year in London working as a web developer in 2007, Jamie arrived back in Adelaide as a freelancer before Argon managed to snap up his technical abilities. Argon's Web Manager and resident sports nut holds a number of memberships for Adelaide-based teams, while he can also be found locked in fierce battle on Jason's Destiny 'fire-team' on Xbox.

Josh Graphic Designer

Josh has been a part of the Argon furniture since 2010, having completed his Graphic Design studies the year prior; after moving down from the Barossa Valley. He spends his spare time muttering incoherently whenever faced with poor day-to-day typography and daydreaming about travelling to the deepest, darkest corners of the globe.

Yusuke Web Designer

Hailing from Japan, Yusuke spent his first six months in Australia backpacking around the country before settling in Adelaide and taking up residence as Argon's chief Web Designer. Having spent time as a Web Developer and Project Manager in Tokyo, he brings a holistic approach to his design. Yusuke also plays soccer and brings a great deal of skill to our internal hacky sack sessions.

Katrina Project Manager

Katrina has been in the industry for too long to put a number on it politely. Her longevity has seen her master print production, signage and events, design work liaison and now holds the title of Website Project Manager. While most of her free time is taken up running around after a toddler, Katrina also holds down the goalkeeper spot in her social netball team and is Argons resident green thumb.‚Äč

Greg Web Project Leader

Greg brings to Argon a wealth of expertise, business acumen and a genuine love of delivering memorable customer service experiences. Having worked in various creative roles and helping to solve business challenges in many different industries, Greg works closely with our clients to translate their business goals into site structures and ensures a rock solid production process.

Mark Creative Director

Mark is our Creative Director and brings to Argon a wealth of experience, knowledge, nice shirts and most importantly - a really cool haircut. Having run a Design department for many years, Mark loves working closely with clients and becoming their 'brand champion'.

Ross Web Developer

Ross had freelanced for Argon in various capacities since 2011 before becoming Argon's full time Web Developer in 2015. Colloquially known as the 'Wordpress Wizard', Ross provides the magic behind the scenes in our websites and has a love for unravelling intricate problems. When he's not sitting behind his computer screen Ross can be found outdoors riding BMX or fishing with his enormous 11 metre pole.

Sandy Web Developer

Sandy is a true mastermind of code. Having worked as a Web Developer for over 8 years she brings experience, structure and attention to detail to the team at Argon. She loves sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and generating thousands of characters of beautiful code.

Jacob Digital Designer

Jacob is our resident creative young gun and Apple Mac enthusiast. If any of us have a question about a Mac product, Jacob will surely know the answer (or will secretly Google it and pretend he knew all along). He particularly loves designing icons and spends his time in both our Design and Web departments.

  • Our Story

    In the

    We started off back in 2006 as a ‘Design, Print & Web’ company. Web wasn’t as advanced as it is now, the iPhone wasn’t released yet, and our core focus was to help small businesses with well designed and cost effective solutions to their marketing. The name ‘Argon’ comes from the word ‘Argonauts’ which is the name of a band of heroes from an ancient mythological story.

  • Our Story


    Our first office was in the mezzanine of an industrial warehouse just a short walk from Chinatown and the popular Gouger Street Markets in Adelaide. Although not ideal, it was a more than suitable base of operation for our microscopic business!

  • Our Story


    Through a strong focus on customer service we slowly built a loyal client base, many of whom we still deal with today, and within a few years we moved out of the warehouse and into our current building on Halifax Street.

  • Our Story


    In 2012 we acquired a design / advertising agency called Image Brand & Colour and added some great new people to our team, and every year we had fresh new faces on board. It is great to hear the positive feedback we get from our clients about our people and how they enjoy working with us.

  • Our Story


    Fast forward to today and we are proud to say we have created over 800 websites and developed many brands. With exceptional friendly customer service still being our core company value, we hope to keep on learning and growing as individuals and as a team so we can continue to serve our clients for many more years to come.

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