Introducing Greg

Hello everybody! I’m Greg Birch and I’ve taken up the reins of Product Manager at Argon Design.
With over 7 years of Sales and Management experience in the printing industry, including digital print, wide format print and promotional products, I’m ready for my next challenge.

When you’re green you’re growing… when you’re ripe you’re rotten… I might be the oldest on the team… but I’m still green… still keen to learn… and that’s a great place to be. It means anything is possible!

My journey to Argon has seen me travel all over the world from China and Hong Kong to Europe, Vegas and San Francisco; sourcing print machinery and hardware to gain exposure to the Australian market. In my travels I have consumed various delicacies including Kopi Luwak – that rare gourmet coffee from Indonesia made from beans passed through the digestive system of an Asian Palm Civet! AKA “poo coffee”… although I must confess I much preferred the bubble tea the ‘boys’ in the office introduced me to on our first trip to the Adelaide Central Markets.

When it comes to work I’ve always been a problem solver ‘slash’ solution provider. It’s something that’s built in. I can’t switch it off! So if you’ve got a problem… let’s talk over coffee… on second thoughts maybe a bubble tea would be better.

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