10 logos for Cinematic Branding

As you’ve probably heard before, effective and well-researched branding is an important cog to the success of any professional business; this also applies to cinema.

As you will see from the logos below, the marketing, familiarity and consequently the success of the movie has a great deal to do with how the external (aimed at the public) and internal (aimed at the characters) cinematic branding is produced.

The brandmarks are simple, memorable, timeless and versatile – able to be adapted for different purposes ie. print items, clothing and online. These basic branding principles are still very current and relevant to any business and need to be considered when creating a business brand.

Below are 10 fictional logos that are found within films over the past 30 years. Some are much easier than others. Can you guess them all?

Film Logo 1

First seen in 1979

Film Logo 2

Released in 2009

Film Logo 3

Released in 1998

Film Logo 4

First seen in 1995, then again in 2006

Film Logo 5

First seen in 1984

Film Logo 6

Released in 2001

Film Logo 7

First adaptation seen in 1940

Film Logo 8

Released in 2008

Film Logo 9

Released in 1988

Film Logo 10

Released in 1993

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