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Hey there everyone, Mark Pearce here. I’ve recently been engaged as Argon Design’s Creative Director; a position within a team that I’m very proud to be a member. Although fresh to the team, I’ve worked with the guys and girls at Argon on numerous projects over the past couple of years.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.
Marc Anthony

I just love design and I’ve enjoyed an exciting and constantly evolving career, which I’m pleased to say now includes working at Argon Design. My experience has been quite varied; starting my apprenticeship in Pre-press/Graphic Reproduction, obtaining a Diploma in Graphic Design, hands on illustration, design, typesetting and paste up. My path has finally led me to Managing and Directing creative teams while working with a wide range of diverse clients (but I still enjoy getting my hands on the ‘tools’). Working in the design/print industry for the last 26 years I certainly haven’t lost my passion for design, formatting and typography.

In my spare time (which is very little with three children) living by the beach, I like to pull on my helmet, roll back the throttle and cruise along the esplanade; wind in my face, breathing in the salt air, thinking only of the next bend in the road. Between this and enjoying some of the great coffee spots around Radelaide, is how I like to unwind.

Becoming a part of the fantastically spirited and creative team, like Argon, has given me a new lease on life and I am very much looking forward to entrenching myself, and my well-practiced singing voice, within the group.

P.S. ‘singing’ is a very loose term for what I do.

I’d love to catch up for a coffee and talk about your brand identity (singing optional).

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